Who Loves Me?
Customization Questionnaire

Please enter the Full Name, Postal Code and Daytime Phone Number of the Ship-To recipient in the boxes provided.

To avoid processing delays, please make sure that the Ship-to information that you enter below is an exact match to what you enter on the shipping information page during checkout.
Please enter information about the child who will be the star of the story:
Enter the names of the people who love the child exactly as you would like the names to be printed in the book. There are a total of 6 spreads in the book that include names of people who love the child. For example, the first spread reads, "Who loves [name of child]? [Person #1] loves [name of child]! How much? So much! More than the mountains, more than the streams, more than a little [boy's/girl's] happiest dreams." If you would like your book to include more than 6 names of people who love the child, you can enter more than one name on some or all of the spreads. If you include more than one person's name for a spread, be sure to include the word "and" between the names and select "love" so the copy reads, "Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike love [name of child]!"
Please double check the answers you have entered. This information will appear in the book exactly as you have entered it. Please check this box to certify that the above information is correct.

Notice: Please submit your personalization information for the same child only once -- if you submit more than once, we will use the most recent of the submissions at print time.